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MinoMonsters is an adventure game founded by Josh Buckley for Apple's iDevices. MinoSource is the online MinoMonsters reference guide that provides the most current news and updates! It also contains walkthroughs, reviews, a forum community, and information on everything related to MinoMonsters! We are constantly aiming to satisfy the desires of our fans. If you have questions, comments or ideas, feel free to contact us!

Version History

Version 3.2.3
Jun 20, 2013

- Crash fix for non-retina devices
- Various other bug fixes

Version 3.2.2
Jun 06, 2013

- Crash bug for some minos fixed, update required

Version 3.2.1
Jun 04, 2013

- MinoMonsters now looks great on the iPhone 5
- Lots of new Minos and evolutions!
- General bug fixes

Version 3.2
Apr 11, 2013

Fixes and changes:
★ Battle in the MULTIPLAYER pvp arenas
★ Level cap raised to 40

Version 3.1.2
Feb 20, 2013

Fixes and changes:
★ Legendary Battles are now easier
★ Legendary stones are easier to get
★ Mega Rares easier to level up
★ Bug Fixes

Version 3.1.1
Jan 22, 2013

Discover the Legendary Earth Guardian by collecting rare fossils on earth island!

Fixes and changes:
★ Legendary Stones are no longer consumed when you battled the Legendary monster they are associated with.
★ Monster energy is no longer lost when entering a battle.
★ You can now battle any friend you choose in the friend tier by tapping the "All Friends" button.

Version 3.1.0
Dec 18, 2012

★ You can now fight your friends in the new battle arena!
★ Build your Grubling statue to increase your team power!
★ Elite monsters appear everywhere!
★ Bugfixes

<3 The Mino Monsters

Version 3.0.1
Nov 02, 2012

* Fixed minocredit reward on Earth and Fire bosses.
* Fixed crashes.
* Adjusted the contents of the rare monster crates.

Version 3.0
Oct 24, 2012

★ New ways to catch and power up your monsters
★ Discover rare new LEGENDARY monsters
★ New storyline
★ Overall polish and store revamp

Thanks for playing MinoMonsters! We've got more fun updates on their way.

Version 2.1.4
Sep 22, 2012

★ Bug fixes

Version 2.1.3
Sep 19, 2012

What's New
★ Bug fixes for iOS 6

Version 2.1.2
Sep 12, 2012

★ The Dunes are now unlocked
★ 2 new monsters
★ Performance and bug fixes

Thanks for playing! More exciting updates coming soon.

Team Mino

Version 2.1.1
Jul 27, 2012

What's New in Version 2.1.1
★ New monster
★ New home screen
★ Adding friends bug fixed

Thanks for playing! Get ready for big exciting updates coming soon.

Version 2.1.0
Jul 09, 2012

New location: Fire island!
New monsters!

Version 2.0
Jun 21, 2012

MinoMonsters 2.0 is here! The team has been working hard over the past few months to deliver this incredible new update. - Monsters can now evolve at level 30
- Connect with friends to unlock rare new monsters
- New battle power ups
- New boss encounters
- New Minos and Grublings
- A brand new way to adventure and explore the world of MinoMonsters
- Defeat boss grublings for MinoCredits and chances at rare monsters!
- Improved performance and bugfixes

Thanks for playing!

Version 1.1.6
Apr 19, 2012

- New Monsters
- New Grublings
- Find out what the Grublings are up to in the Tranquil Forest.

Version 1.1.5
Apr 05, 2012

* Bug Fixes

Version 1.1.1
Mar 14, 2012

This new update includes:

* Even more new monsters to discover!
* New and improved goal system
* New Secret Areas to Explore
* Grubling Prairie
* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.0
Feb 23, 2012

This is the huge update you've all been waiting for. Thank you for all your support!

* New locations to explore! Unlock and explore the new Earth Island.
* Lots of new minos to discover and capture!
* Introducing perks: with a new caring system to tend to your monsters' needs, you can improve your minos with new abilities.
* Defend: You can now defend against enemy attacks if you are quick enough.
* Find more candy through the daily crates game.
* bug fixes

Version 1.0.2
Dec 17, 2011

* Minor updates and bug fixes

Version 1.0.1
Dec 12, 2011

Fix for crashes
Bug and performances fixes

Version 1.0
Dec 05, 2011

News & Updates

4.0.49 Beta update for Android and iOS
July 20, 2015

Want to join our MinoMonsters 2 (MinoMonsters Evolution) Android and iOS beta test efforts or simply want to try our new game?

- Register for Android.
- Register for iOS.
- Please report all bugs on our MinoMonsters 2 Beta Facebook page.

In the past, many iOS users registered for Android by mistake. This is now your chance to get into iOS beta! Note that the iOS version is downloaded through TestFlight and will expire in 25 days. All testing will then be moved from TestFlight to TestFairy, which won't expire.

September 30, 2014

Hello! Thank you for everyone's patience and support as we are working on v4. Next on our agenda, we will be releasing a complete version of v4 to Australia and New Zealand. Don't live in those countries? You're in luck! We're inviting you to join our open beta! Click here to sign up for the beta. Once submitted, please wait until we review your applications and approve them. You will then receive an invite to download the app. Just a heads up, the current beta version is 4.0.15. Then next version, 4.0.16, will be released soon. This update will erase your data from 4.0.15. However, it will be worth it! 4.0.16 will be a complete version with all new Minos, new islands, and a whole new PvP Arena system.

Additionally, we've been revealing brand new monsters such as Cloudles, Stormstrike, and Lunaqueen on our beta Facebook page. Simply ask to join the page and one of our members will accept your request. On this page, we will be keeping you updated with v4, daily. We will be posting a bunch of images from v4. Here, you can let us know what features you would like in the game. Feel free to exchange comments with other members as well as Team Mino.

Lastly, the new MinoSource site will be available soon as we will be launch concurrent to the new update. The new site will contain a database with all the information you will need to know about each monster including what each Ability and Nature does and how they affect your monsters during battle. Stay tuned!

Do you want to be part of our beta team?
July 08, 2014

Hey, MinoFans! As many of you know, beta for v4 has been running for over 2 months now. We plan on releasing the full version in March. To make that happen, we need your help to test our game! If you are interested to join our beta team, please click here to sign up for the beta. Once submitted, please wait until we review your applications and approve them. You will then receive an invite to download the app. All you need is an Android with an OS version of at least 4.0.3 or higher. Look forward to working with you all!

Also, for those in India, Ireland, Pakistan, Jordan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, version 4.0.6 has been released!

4.0.4 Update
Apr 27, 2014

For those of you in India, Ireland, Pakistan, Jordan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, the 4.0.4 patch has been released. This fixed many bugs including:

- Fixed crash bug when upgrading from some versions
- Fixed issues with monsters fading out in battles
- Fixed monsters on missions not staying darkened

Be sure to report any bugs so we can perfect this update and launch worldwide soon! We appreciate your cooperation.

We will keep you updated with news as they come! Thanks for your support and patience.

4.0 Update Coming Soon!
Apr 27, 2014

Hello, MinoFans!We appreciate everyone's support and patience as we begin to release our largest update! It took longer than our initial estimates. We are currently doing some final testing to ensure the app is running smoothly. After the update, we aim to release 1 update per week to make up for the long wait. We will initially release 12 new Minos, 9 new Grubs, and over 60 levels! We will also be revealing the Air and Electric Guardians. We will continue to add many new monsters and levels during each week's update including event monsters and new evolutions for Wix and Simion, who will be renamed to Quixel and Monkzee, respectively. We apologize for the delay and we can ensure you that it'll be worth the wait! Here is an image of a new martial-arts Mino that will be available in 4.0!

Who's ready for MinoMonsters 4?
Feb 05, 2014

Hello, MinoFans! Sorry for the long hiatus in news. The Mino team has been working hard in completing the 4.0 update! This update will include 9 new Minos, including final evos for the starters and over 50 new levels! There will be different types of levels including Training Grounds, Event Levels, Quest Levels and even levels where you can hunt for treasure!

We will be bringing back candy for capturing Minos as well as many old grubs from v.1.6. There will be brand new missions and quests available with a new, revamped storyline! We are introducing a new rarity in the game: Epic Rare. Epic Rare Minos will be able to reach up to level 70. There will be 4 different types of candy, each with its own specialty. We will also be bringing back equip items and the collars from v.1.6. Battle items such as potions will be available and many quests items for players to collect.

Every since Carl has left the game, the Pirate Grub has remodeled the shop and built his own little shack where you can purchase exclusive, new minos, rare items, statues, credits, coins, chests and more! We will be including better, cheaper, and more variety of packages for players to purchase. Players can now carry a maximum of 5 minos on their team, enabling a team consisting of all 5 elements.

Along with the new update, MinoSource will be receiving a new look! Both the website and the game has been re-coded from scratch to clear all bugs and issues. Yes, it took us a while to rewrite the entire game, but the update is finally weeks away! We appreciate everyone's support and patience. We are beginning to release closed beta versions on Android. By the beginning of March, the game will have reached every corner of the world and be available for both Android and iOS. We will also release an HD version for those with tablets. Be sure to stay tuned and don't miss the release of MinoMonsters 4.0!

New Poll
Oct 27, 2013

Hello! Our poll for the past week has come to a close. The question was: "Which shiny mino would you like to see?" The highest voted Mino was Lanstorm with 40%! The lowest was Fireline with 9%. We've decided to reveal both shiny Fireline and shiny Lanstorm to you, below! Both these guys will be available in the upcoming version!

This week's poll is: "Which kinda of new minos would you like to see?" Baby, Basic, Evolution, or Final Evolution? Share your opinion and stay tuned for more news about the upcoming v.4.0 update!

New Poll
Oct 21, 2013

Hello! A couple weeks ago, we introduced to you the new bag which will carry all your items. 43% of people wanted to carry candy in their bag! Therefore, I would like to explain a little on how the candy system will work in v.4. There will be many different kinds of candy. Some candy will allow higher catch rates. Candy must be crafted by finding ingredients from drops. When candy is used, it will hover in front of the opposing Mino and pulse three times. It will then either fail or succeed in capturing the Mino. If failed, the candy falls to the floor and cracks. It can no longer be used again. If succeeded in catching the Mino, the candy will glow real bright and a huge stream of light is emitted signaling the capture. As v.4.0 draws near, we will continue to post new previews! This week's poll asks which shiny Mino you would like to see! Please share your opinion.

New Poll
Oct 07, 2013

Hello! We apologize for the delay in the new poll. 98% people voted that they are using Alacon gear! Alacon gear provides the strongest element boost out of all the statue items and goes very well with the Fire Guardian! In v.4.0, we hope to introduce to you all some new statue items that has never been released before! 4.0 will also introduce many new types of candy that allow you to catch Minos easier! All perks will become Scrolls that the player can equip to any Mino. Berries will be introduced as stat-boost items. As a treat, I would like to introduce to you every players' best friend! The player will carry this bag around everywhere they go. It will help them carry all the items they collect in the game! This week's poll question is: "What do you want to fill your bag with? Stay tuned for more 4.0 news!

New Poll
Sep 27, 2013

Hello, this past week's poll was close! The question was: Would you rather see multiple device support or offline support in the next version! The poll ended with 48% for offline play and 52% for multiple device support. MinoMonsters used to be completely offline, but it allowed players to cheat very easily. This time we will be able to begin supporting offline play while maintaining a secure server. We are also looking into Game Center, Restore features, and ways to play your game on multiple devices as well as having multiple save fils within the same device! Stay next big update will be released on Android a week before it is released on iOS. The game will be close to completion in a few weeks, so be sure to tuned in for news on the update! This week's poll question is: Which statue items do you use?

Sep 20, 2013

I hope everyone is psyched about the upcoming version 4! This past week's poll was: "What are you most excited for in v.4?" 63% of participants answered "New Minos!" So as a treat, we are releasing the silhouette of a new Mino below! This Mino will be available in version 4 very soon!

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news about v.4! This week's poll is: "What features would you like the next version to support?" The choices are "Offline play" or "Multiple device play". Share your opinion with us today!

New Poll
Sep 17, 2013

Hello, as most of you know, Apple is releasing their new iOS 7 tomorrow! We have found a couple incompatibilities with our game but we've already fixed those issues and will be available in v.3.2.7. This patch has already been submitted to Apple and should be approved and launched soon! So if you see new bugs after downloading the iOS, do not worry! v.3.2.7 will patch it up!

Before upgrading to iOS 7, it will be a good idea to backup your device so all your data, including MinoMonsters, will not be lost. When backing up your device, do not us iCloud. Simply plug your device into your PC or Mac and open iTunes. Your device will automatically appear in the upper right. Click on it and it will bring you to a screen with three sections: ['Your Device'], 'Backups', and 'Options'. Look over at the second section labeled 'Backups' then make sure 'This computer' is checked and 'iCloud' is unchecked. Afterward, click on the "Back Up Now" button in the same section and iTunes will backup your entire device. If for any reason your upgrade was incomplete and your data was lost, simply hit the 'Restore Backup...' button located next to the 'Back Up Now' button and select the backup you would like to restore. Make sure you do not click on the "Restore iPhone..." button in the section above. This will reset your entire device and wipe away most of your data.
For some players, the new 3.2.7 will not affect them because certain devices are not compatible with iOS 7. Speaking of compatibility with devices, the upcoming v.4.0 MinoMonsters update will be compatible with many devices such as iPad and Android.

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